Ibán Ríos

Search Marketing Strategist 🚀


Hi!👋 My name is Ibán Ríos, I am based in Bicester (Oxfordshire) and I am passionate about search🔍 marketing, google, your business goals, effectiveness, and many other things...

More than seven years ago I discovered my true passion: digital marketing. Since then, I have dedicated myself completely to this, specializing in search engines/ecosystems like Google🔍 (more than 90% market share worldwide, in Europe, in the UK and in Spain): therefore in Search Marketing Strategies.

In these seven years I have not only grown personally and professionally, but I have helped to grow different brands:
✱ In Spain and the United Kingdom
✱ In multinationals and SMEs
✱ On the client side and on the agency side
✱ As an employee and as a freelancer
✱ In the sectors of education, advertising, architecture ...

In addition, I have learned that productivity🚀 resides in:
→ A holistic and global business vision, where the digital marketing objectives (and their KPIs) are aligned with the key objectives of the brand
→ Place the final customer in the center of the business (Customer Centricity)
→ To place the internal client in a happy, agile, proactive, innovative and goal-oriented team (intra-entrepreneurship). These "collaborators" must have a "T" shape (very specialized in one area and, still, relevant in others)
→ Corporate structures as horizontal / flat as possible, and based on leadership and sustainability

My specializations (vertical of the "T")

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO - SXO)

Search Engine Marketing/Advertising (SEM - SEA)

Website Performance Optimisation (WPO - UX - CRO)

Strong knowledge in other areas (horizontal of the "T"), including

→ Email Marketing

→ Customer Experience (CX)

→ Inbound Marketing

→ Digital project management

Some of the endorsements I have achieved

✔ Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) by Google

✔ Adwords Search Advertising Certification by Google

✔ Advanced SEO by MOZ

✔ The Digital Garage Certificate of Online Proficiency by IAB Europe & Google

✔ Inbound Marketing Certification by Hubspot

Finally, some "tools" I use regularly:
Moz, SEMrush, Screaming Frog, Google Analytics 360º Suite, Google Adwords, Google Data Studio, Google Tag Manager, DoubleClick, Google Search Console, Lighthouse, Chrome DevTools, Google Drive & Docs, Gimp, Inkscape, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript...

"Too late to think in digital... it is time to listen to your audience... now is the moment to be digital"

Where to find me? Where to find Ibán Ríos?

Ibán Ríos on LinkedIn → my professional profile

Ibán Ríos on Twitter → all I believe it is worth to share

Ibán Ríos on Google Photos → one of my hobbies: photography

Ibán Ríos on Goodreads → another one of my hobbies: books

Ibán Ríos on FilmAffinity → another one: movies and TV series

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